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Solo Exhibition at The StoreFront Gallery, Ferndale, MI

Saturday, April 30th - Sunday, May 1st, 2016

Rebecca Goldberg reveals in her reflective show - PLACES - a comprehensive summary of escape and inspiration. In this 12-piece canvas print series, each work embodies an experience from “around town” or “across the pond”. Technology blends lines, color and texture, and the final works transport you to locations from familiar to exotic.

The StoreFront Gallery in Ferndale, Michigan, is thrilled to showcase neighbor and artist,
Rebecca Goldberg, on April 30th/May 1st, 2016. This will be her first collection exhibited since 2011’s Le Cirque Detroit, which featured pieces included in Columbia Pictures’ action/comedy, 30 Minutes or Less. Rebecca is approaching her third season as a resident artist at Eastern Market’s Sunday Street Market in Detroit. This exhibition will offer a collection for sale, in a limited editions of 50 canvas prints per work. Her art is also available in local stockists, as well as online.

You may partake in further of Rebecca’s creations such as her independent release of A Trip To The Moon, an original musical score inspired by Georges Melies’ classic silent film La Voyage Dans la Lune (1902). She recently performed A Trip To The Moon in Paris alongside the film at the renowned Silencio club and Le Bar a Bulles de la Machine du Moulin Rouge. Goldberg echoed her adoration for Detroit and travel from afar. Now, she caters us out of hibernation with a trip to 12 Places.


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